Recently, the donation ceremony of "Charitable Acts and Cultivating Talents Together" was held at China FuJian Nan'an Qiaoxiang Primary School.

FK Bearing Donation to primary school

FK Bearing Group and Mr Zhang Shijie, a representative of the Nan'an Municipal People's Congress, member of the Nan'an Municipal Committee of the Zhi Gong Party, and vice chairman of the Overseas Chinese Federation of Xuefeng Development Zone, each donated 100,000 yuan to Qiaoxiang Primary School, which will be used for school infrastructure construction.

Entering Qiaoxiang Primary School, a brand new playground has been completed, with green artificial turf and red rubber track shining in the sun. The playground track was newly paved with stone slabs, and the newly built pavilion became a beautiful corner of the playground. Mr Huang Shaoqing, principal of Qiaoxiang Primary School, told reporters that the new stone slabs and pavilions on the playground were donated and built by caring entrepreneurs.

Primary school

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"The rubber track was originally surrounded by dirt roads with uneven surfaces, which not only affected the overall appearance of the playground but also affected students' exercise. " Mr Huang Shaoqing said. After learning this news, Mr Zhang Shijie donated 100000 yuan to renovate the playground. Sports facilities are an important part of school teaching, and building a playground can provide students with better sports venues. "Zhang Shijie smiled and told reporters that the current school environment has undergone tremendous changes compared to before. As an alumnus, he also wants to make his alma mater more beautiful. The reporter learned that Zhang Shijie has long been enthusiastic about public welfare, having installed air conditioning for school classrooms and donated funds to build dormitory buildings.

Nan an primary school playground

This pavilion was originally a small earthen slope, and students sometimes had fun here, posing certain safety hazards. Huang Shaoqing introduced that with the support of FK Bearing Group ,the school has built a pavilion here for students to rest. Not only that, FK Bearing also donated funds to build dry toilets in kindergartens and renovate teacher dormitories, greatly improving the school's hardware facilities and appearance.